Plans for 2019 

The writing process of the next release has begun and the band is planning to start recording in fall 2019. As the writing and recording process is going to be documented as videos, it is possible to access these videos on the go by susbscribing on the bands Bandcamp page. The subscription includes also the bands whole back catalog and the next album + some extra content.


Anthrovoid album released

The band releases today its second self-funded album Anthrovoid. Anthrovoid is a concept album about a prophetic time period when the animal kingdom got fed up with the arrogant and divine status of human race which eventually leads to an animal revolution. Background information about the theme and songs can be found on the blog. The album can be found on streaming and downloading services such as Spotify, YouTube, iTunes and Bandcamp and it is also available for order as a CD with lyrics booklet from Recordshop X the bands shop


Single release

The band has released a track called Viraltar as a digital single from the upcoming Anthrovoid album which will be released on November 23rd. The song can be streamed or purchased on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play store among others as well as on YouTube as lyric video. It is possible now to preorder the Anthrovoid album from the shop of the bands website.


The second album in the making

After short silence and finishing the new songs the band starts to record its second album. The drum tracking is already started on the present week. The whole recording process of the album is planned to be finished in October-November 2017 and its release will take place some time in the beginning of 2018. Again, the theme and the songs will be introduced via a blog which is started later on. You can follow the progress of the recording process via the bands Facebook page. 


360RB is released!

The bands debut album, 360RB, is now released. It is available on Spotify and iTunes and many streaming services which will be found on the site later on. The album is still available for order from the home sites SHOP-page, Recordshop X and directly from Musiikki Lukinmaa shop in Kajaani.


360RB available for listen in advance on Kaaoszine site

360RB is available for listen on Kaaoszine site in advance until the release date of March 31. Check the backgrounds of each track from the blog.


T-shirts with the bands logo for sale

T-shirts with the bands 360RB-themed logo are now  for sale on site. The shirt is available in black colour as men and women model and sizes ranging from S to XXL. The order can be placed here.


360RB available for preorder from Recordshop X

360RB album is available for preorder before the release date of March 31 from Recordshop X. It is possible to order the album shipped to an address or picked up from one of the shops of Recordshop X. The order can be placed here.


360RB will be released on March 31

The first album of the band will be released self funded in the end of March. The album is released song per day as lyric video starting on March 24 everyday at 7 PM. The last song is out in the release day, March 31, when the album is available as CD and from Spotify and iTunes among other services. The album is available for preorder as CD from the SHOP page of the site. Check the lyric video of the albums intro track.